Thursday, July 2, 2009

Espiral Vinho Verde, 2008

Vinho Verde: crisp, light, fresh, possessed of low alcohol and lots of mineral, usually with a hint of effervescence: nothing better at a picnic table or the beach in summer, especially if you've value in mind. I have reviewed other Vinho Verde wines here before, so I will pass on the background and cut to the chase, except to note that this wine is produced in the Minho region in the far north of Portugal.

I bought this wine, the 2008 Espiral Vinho Verde, at Trader Joe's Wine Shop in Union Square. My conclusion is the same as many others': buy this wine by the case. At $3.99, you simply will not find a better bargain. A sun-bleached straw color in the glass, the nose features aromas of lemon and other citrus zest, leading to crisp lemon-lime fruit braced by killer acidity in the mouth. Nearly tart in its acidity, but attractively so: lean and cleansing, a great companion to shrimp barbecued in a lime-based marinade, or light fish dishes like sole, basa, or halibut.


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This blog is great! I'm always impressed by your knowledge and your ability to accurately describe all aspect of wine. Lovely!!!


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